"New and innovative temporary demontable flood protection. Unique plastic design. Lightweight, low cost, portable flood defence. A complete solution for national & international requirement. Fully recyclable, environmentally friendly."
International Application Published under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
- Aquabarrier Systems with its partners Birse Civils, City of York Council supported by the Environment Agency, have completed the new Clementhorpe Flood Alleviation Scheme in the City if York.
The scheme is to be used as a pilot trial by DEFRA and the EA to assess the capabilities of demountable flood barriers.
Local residents have stated that they are very happy the scheme is in place ready to defend them against flooding issues.
City of York Councillor Andrew Waller thought the Aquabarriers would help protect up to 90 homes in an extreme flood event.
Local Member of Parliament Hugh Bayley reiterated the views stated by Councillor Waller and was very impressed the demountable flood defence system.
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